Heard about Jack's House? How he got round 'Planning Permission'? A County Councillor in his pocket, that's how! Hear about that slinky lady friend of his? The poacher who had a run in with a cow? The ragged fellow with the roving eye? The farmer's lovely daughter? Read all about it!

The House that Jack Built

‘Jack Bodily wants us to sell his house, Babs,’ said my partner, Norman, gloomily.  Norm and I run ‘Ideal Country Cottages’, Estate Agents.  Things aren’t too bright at the moment.

‘The last thing we need is Jack’s dodgy palace on our books,’ he grumbled.  ‘The rumours I’ve heard about that place.  People say he didn’t even have planning permission!’  Typical Norm, what a ray of sunshine.

He was right, no doubt.  I’d heard several colourful rumours myself.  I once knew Jack rather well.  Norman doesn’t know that.  It was a few years ago, when I was young and foolish, and though I say it myself, quite a gal.